Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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- end 3rd millennium BC-end 2nd millennium BC

List of symbols

The syllabary of the Mittani Letter

This table offers examples of some of the signs used in the Mittani Letter, at the moment the most significant document of the Mittani scribal school. The list here presented was drawn up on the basis of the Zeicheliste by O. Schroeder, published in the final part of his edition of hand copies of the El Amarna Tablets (O. Schroeder, Die Tontafeln von el-Amarna II, (VS 12) Leipzig 1915).

A list of the signs used in the Mittani Letter is published in the book: M. Dietrich – W. Mayer, Der hurritische Brief des Dušratta von Mīttānni an Amenḫotep III.: Text, Grammatik, Kopie, AOAT 382, Münster 2010 .

A complete list of signs can now be found in Z.S. Homan, Mittani Paleography, 2020, pp. 297-311.


BA simbolo
BAL simbolo
GÍR simbolo
AN simbolo
URU simbolo
LA simbolo
LI simbolo
GIL simbolo
RU simbolo
TI simbolo
IG simbolo
KAB simbolo
TIM simbolo
EN simbolo
SA simbolo
SI simbolo
SAG simbolo
ŠUM simbolo
NAB simbolo
AZ simbolo
UM simbolo
TA simbolo
I+NA simbolo
GAN simbolo
TUR simbolo
IN simbolo
IL simbolo
AL simbolo
UB simbolo
DUG simbolo
GA simbolo
RA simbolo
DA simbolo
ŠA simbolo
҆A simbolo
AH simbolo
HAR simbolo
KI simbolo
DIN simbolo
ME simbolo
IB simbolo
KU simbolo
LU simbolo
MUNUS simbolo
DAM simbolo
GU simbolo
EL simbolo
UR simbolo
A simbolo
ZA simbolo
HA simbolo
GUG simbolo
NÍG simbolo