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Cuneiform Hittite

- 1570 B.C. - 1200 B.C. (ca.)

List of symbols

Hittite signs

This table offers a selection of Hittite signs together with their phonetic values and their Sumeric reading. The reference number of the Hethitisches Zeichenlexikon, the syllabary here followed also for the classification of signs based on their graphic structure, is given beside the phonetic value. Signs are drawn according to their late Hittite shape (13th century).

Sign (13th century)
Phonetic value
Sumeric reading
simbolo (1) AŠ, DIDLI
simbolo tar (7) KU5
simbolo an (8) AN, DINGIR
simbolo nu (11) NU
simbolo na (15) NA
simbolo mu (17) MUHALDIM
simbolo pár (20) BÁN,MAŠDA
simbolo qa (21) SAGI
simbolo hu (24) MUŠEN
simbolo ri (32) RI
simbolo zi (33) ZI
simbolo ti (37) TI
simbolo nam (39) NAM
simbolo en (40) EN
simbolo ru (43) RU
simbolo kán (61) GÁN
simbolo šu (68) ŠU
simbolo ni (72) Ì
simbolo ir (77) IR
simbolo az (92) AZ
simbolo uk (93) PÌRIG
simbolo la (95) LA
simbolo tup (99) DUB
simbolo at (105) AD
simbolo ui5 (131) GEŠTIN
simbolo (132) NITA
simbolo ka (133) INIM
simbolo (151) KUŠ7, SAHAR
simbolo (153) KAŠ
simbolo ša (158) ŠA
simbolo ga (159) GA
simbolo ta (160) TA
simbolo am (168) AM
simbolo ne (169) IZI
simbolo pa (174) GUIDRU
simbolo iz (178) GIŠ
Sign (13th century)
Phonetic value
Sumeric reading
simbolo e (187) E
simbolo ú (195) Ú
simbolo un (197) UN
simbolo ku (206) TUKUL
simbolo ma (208) MA, PÈŠ  
simbolo lu (210) UDU
simbolo da (214) DA
simbolo it (215) Á,TI8
simbolo i (217) I
simbolo ya (218)  
simbolo ra (233) RA
simbolo te (249) TE
simbolo kar (250) KAR
simbolo u (261) U,10
simbolo mi (267) GE6
simbolo ši (288) IGI
simbolo ar (289) AR
simbolo šal (297) MUNUS
simbolo di (312) DI
simbolo ki (313) KI
simbolo ud (316) BABBAR,UD
simbolo wa (317) GEŠTU
simbolo kur (329) KUR
simbolo (331) 30
simbolo har/hur (333) HAR
simbolo he/hi (335) DU10
simbolo im (337) IM
simbolo še (338) NIGA
simbolo pu (339) BU
simbolo li (343) LE
simbolo šar (353) KIRI6
simbolo in (354) IN
simbolo me (357) ME
simbolo a (364) A
simbolo za (366) ZA
simbolo ha (367) KU6