Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


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  1. 2015-12-21

    From Signs to Writing: Human and Divine Languages in the Gospel of Truth (NHC I,3 / XII,2)

    Daniele Tripaldi

    Since two Coptic versions were re-discovered in the Nag Hammadi fund (NHC I,3/XII,2 ), the Gospel of Truth has never ceased to fuel discussions: as a matter of fact, virtually no scholarly consensus has been reached yet about relevant issues such as author, dating, original language, and the correct translation itself of some Coptic hapax legomena. Working on the text and its language, I will attempt first to get into the translator's "lab", and then to take a closer and possibly new look at the socio-cultural imagination of its author.

  2. 2015-06-19

    LiBER: a project for the digitalization of Linear B texts

    Maurizio Del Freo Francesco Di Filippo

    LiBER (Linear B Electronic Resources) is a document management system which is currently developed at the CNR Institute for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean. The system has been designed to sort, filter and combine the Linear B texts on the basis of textual, archaeological, paleographic and topographic criteria. The purpose of this seminar is to illustrate the general philosophy which lies behind the LiBER project as well as the solutions adopted for the encoding of texts and for the representation of data through dynamic maps.