Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


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  1. 2009-12-02

    Punic-Phoenician language and writing system in ancient Mediterranean

    Paolo Merlo

    The seminar focuses on the Phoenician-Punic language and writing system from their oriental origins to their spread over the Mediterranean world. The seminar will touch also on other topics, such as the linguistic interrelationship of northwest Semitic languages, the development of the Phoenician-Punic writing system, as well as the online resources available for the Phoenician language and texts.
    The material presented can be downloaded here.

  2. 2009-09-29

    Writing systems in Mesopotamia: on-line resources for the study of Akkadian Cuneiform inscriptions

    Salvatore Gaspa

    The seminar focuses on the Akkadian language, its particularities, dialects and its use in the ancient Near East from the 3rd millennium to about 100 BC. The seminar will also cover other topics, such as the cuneiform script, the materials and writing instruments used by the Akkadian scribes, as well as the online resources available for this language, its script and the Akkadian texts. The material presented can be downloaded here.

  3. 2009-06-11

    Online resources for Etruscan: surfing between teaching and the 'mystery'

    Daniele Maras

    The seminar presents an introduction to Etruscan writing, together with some of the most important resources about it available online. Institutional sites and university-based research tools are described, as well as others appropriate for enthusiasts or for school-aged students. There is also a review of bibliographic information and web sites, and of "alternative" sites that remain outside of mainstream academia. This latter phenomenon is common in Etruscology, which often feeds on the traditional (if unfounded) "mystery" with which this population has been regarded since antiquity.

  4. 2009-03-27

    Aegean writing of the 2nd millennium BC.

    Maurizio Del Freo

    The seminar deals briefly with the major issues concerning Aegean writing of the 2nd millennium BC (Cretan hieroglyphs, Linear A, Linear B and the Phaistos Disc). It also offers a brief commentary of some inscriptions and presents the materials and tools that can be found on the web for each single writing system.

  5. 2009-02-20

    Ancient Cyprus World Wide Web: Computer Sciences for the study of Cypriot writing

    Anna Cannavò

    Anna Cannavò presents the sections of Mnamon she edited, containing web-based materials on Cypro-Minoan and Cypro-Syllabic scripts.

  6. 2009-01-30

    The Apocalypse of Gabriel: themes and problems of a recent discovering.

    Daniele Tripaldi

    This seminar starts a new series organized by LILA on single relevant document connected to Mnamon, the Portal about Ancient Writing Systems in the Mediterranean. They differ from the usual working group seminars, held monthly, since they mean to present and discuss, under the specialists' guidance, recently discovered or newly interpretated documents. This is the first of a new series of seminars organized by LILA on single relevant documents connected to Mnamon, the Portal for ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean. The working group seminars dedicated to web-based materials about different writing systems continue on a monthly basis, whereas this new series of seminars will present and discuss recently discovered or newly interpreted documents, with the guidance of specialists.
    The material presented for discussion in this seminar can be downloaded here.