Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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  1. 2010-06-22

    Writing systems in ancient Anatolia: Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics

    Giulia Torri

    In this seminar the main characteristics of two writing systems formed in Anatolia during the II millennium B.C, the Hittite cuneiform and the Luwian hieroglyphic, are presented. Particular importance is given to their chronological development. These two writings systems, although different in their external features and function, were both elaborated and used - partly in different periods - by the ruling class of the Hittite Empire (16th - 12th cent.). Documents in cuneiform script disappear with the fall of the Hittite kingdom. Hieroglyphic script becomes the monumental writing system of the New-Hittite states during the I millennium B.C.
    The pdf version of the slides can be downloaded here.