Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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  1. 2012-04-17

    Teaching and learning writing systems in the ancient Veneto: epigraphic and archeological records

    Laura Montagnaro

    Among the pre-Roman languages of Italy, Venetic records are of particular importance for understanding writing methods and processes: the study of Venetic inscriptions (6th to 1st century B.C.) allows scholars to highlight two different phases for the arrival of writing from Etruria to the Venetic area. At the same time the study of a particular type of ex voto that reproduces the writing tablets used for teaching and learning of writing, made of imperishable materials (votive objects), allows scholars to highlight the general lines of teaching/learning writing. This seminar, examining the documentation, will illustrate the major issues related to writing in the Venetic area and the results achieved with attention on the main points of concern.