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Cursive Egyptian Hieroglyphics

- (3150 BC - 4th century AD)

edited by: M. Betrò - D. Salvoldi    DOI: 10.25429/   (translation by Melanie Rockenhaus)
Last update: 1/2022

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Theological paintings and texts in cursive hieroglyphics, 18th Dynasty, reign of Amenhotep, Theban west bank, Valley of the King, KV 35

Hieroglyphic writing made with small brushes on papyrus, leather, wood or ostracon is called cursive hieroglyphics because the instrument was an impediment to the precise detail of the sculptor’s chisel on monumental objects or the painter’s brush on the smooth walls of the tombs and temples. Cursive Hieroglyphics was used especially for religious texts, in particular in the Book of the Dead.

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