Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 7th-3rd cent. B.C.

Online resources

Institutions, centers for study and research

  1. Labraunda. The Labraunda Project
    Site about the excavation of the University of Uppsala near the Sanctuary of Zeus Labraundos in Turkey
  2. eDiAna
    The Digital Philological-Etymological Dictionary of the Minor Anatolian Corpus Languages.
    It provides the first exhaustive lexical analysis of the entire corpus of the lesser attested ancient Anatolian languages, i.e., Luwian (cuneiform and hieroglyphic), Lycian (A and B), Carian, Lydian, Palaic, Sidetic, and Pisidian.

Study and research centers

  1. Forschung in Karien
    Site presented by Professor Wolfgang Bluemel of the University of Köln. It presents the latest research data about the Carian Language and research articles about this matter.


  1. Recent developments in the decipherment of Carian
    Ignacio J. Adiego, Recent developments in the decipherment of Carian in Hellenistic Karia,Ausonius éditions, 2010.
    An open access article that traces the steps in the decipherment of the Carian language and its writing and gives many examples of inscriptions that are useful for understanding the language.