Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 5th-I4th cent. B.C.

Online resources

Web sites of general interest

  1. Xantos Letoon
    Web page on the archaeological site of Xantos, part of the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Online documents

  1. The Canadian Epigraphic Mission of Xantos Letoon
    The webpage presents the record of the epigraphic survey conducted for the collection and publication of the inscriptions - particularly in Greek and Latin - from the Lycian city of Xanthos and the nearby sanctuary of Letoon. The site includes the online publication of the epigraphic material accompanied by an extensive photographic collection of the inscriptions.
  2. Lycian Corpus by H. Craig Melchert (last modified 7/6/01)
    As an integration of the editions of inscriptions in Lycian language, this database offers new readings of the texts.
  3. Corpus of Lycian and Milyan (Lycian B) Inscription
    Collection and edition of Lycian inscriptions.

Institutions, centers for study and research

  1. eDiAna
    The Digital Philological-Etymological Dictionary of the Minor Anatolian Corpus Languages.
    It provides the first exhaustive lexical analysis of the entire corpus of the lesser attested ancient Anatolian languages, i.e., Luwian (cuneiform and hieroglyphic), Lycian (A and B), Carian, Lydian, Palaic, Sidetic, and Pisidian.