Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 8th-2nd cent.B.C.

Online resources

Institutions, centers for study and research

  1. eDiAna
    The Digital Philological-Etymological Dictionary of the Minor Anatolian Corpus Languages.
    It provides the first exhaustive lexical analysis of the entire corpus of the lesser attested ancient Anatolian languages, i.e., Luwian (cuneiform and hieroglyphic), Lycian (A and B), Carian, Lydian, Palaic, Sidetic, and Pisidian.
  2. The Lydian Language
    Introduction à la langue et à l'écriture lydiennes.

Study and research centers

  1. Archaeological Exploration of Sardis
    This site contains both a history of the archeological expedition to Sardis and information on the city and on research activities connected to the excavation.
  2. The Archaeological Exploration of Sardis. Digital Resource Center
    The site represents the excavation of Sardis and the history of the city through a virtual journey. It also contains bibliographic and photographic resources.
  3. Early Lydian Coinage and Chronology
    The project aims to reconstruct the sequence of the Lydian coins and their legends and to specify the chronology of the Lydian rulers.


  1. Corpus of Lydian Inscriptions
    Page containing inscriptions in Lydian, based on R. Gusmani, Lydisches Wörterbuch.


  1. The city of Sardis: Approaches in Graphic Recording
    Page of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the city of Sardis, capital of the reign of Lydia. The page contains images, bibliography and useful links related to the history of Lydia and its sovereigns.