Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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  1. 2010-12-07

    Faculty of Arts seminar

    On December 10th at 2 p.m. in Scuola Normale Superiore, Dini Conference Room, Palazzo Castelletto, a seminar will be held by Daniele Maras (University of Rome "La Sapienza"). The title of the seminar is : "Da Sud a Nord. La scrittura come mezzo di acculturazione orientalizzante in Etruria e nell'area Golasecchiana".
    Live video streaming will be available via starting at 2 p.m.
  2. 2010-12-06

    Mnamon seminar

    On December 10th at 11.30 a.m. in Scuola Normale Superiore, Dini Conference Room, Palazzo Castelletto, a seminar will be held by Maurizio Del Freo (CNR Rome). The title of the seminar is: "Some thoughts on the Linear B land tenure tablets from Pylos (Messenia, XIIIth cent. BC)".
    Live video streaming will be available via starting at 11.30 a.m.
  3. 2010-12-06


    The University of California Press has just published ISAW Director Roger Bagnall's book, Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East. More information is available from the UC Press website.
  4. 2010-11-17

    Dead sea scrolls to go on Google archive

    The Dead Sea scrolls will soon be available to anyone with an internet connection.
    Search engine Google and the Israel Antiquities Authority have revealed plans for an online archive of the scrolls, which number around 900.
    The images will appear in high definition. Users will also have a chance to join up the thousands of pieces of scroll into one virtual document The organisers hope that the website will be live by the beginning of 2011.
  5. 2010-11-12

    Saudi Unearths First Pharaonic Relic

    Press report: "Saudi Unearths First Pharaonic Relic"
    "Saudi Arabia announced Sunday that its archeologists had discovered a rock carrying an ancient hieroglyphic inscription of an Egyptian pharaoh, the first confirmed pharaoh-era relic discovered in the kingdom, local Arab News reported. The discovery was made in July near the ancient oasis of Tayma, Tabuk province, which has been posited as a stop on an ancient land route between the western coast of Arabia and the Nile Valley, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquity (SCTA) vice president Ali al-Ghabban was quoted by the paper as telling a press conference on Sunday.
    "The rock was bearing an inscription of King Ramses III, one of the kings who ruled ancient Egypt between 1192-1160 BC," Ghabban told reporters.
    Archeologists believe that the trade route was connecting Nile Valley and the Egyptian city of Suez then cross the Sinai Peninsula to Arabia.
    Ghabban noted that a temple of King Ramses III was found near the port of Abu Zenima on the Gulf of Suez and several inscriptions similar to the one found in Tayma were found in Sinai Peninsula."
  6. 2010-11-11

    New photos added

    22 new photos have been added to the Photo gallery of the following writing systems in Mnamon:
    1 to Egyptian Hieroglyphics
    1 to Coptic
    4 to Demotic
    6 to Cursive Egyptian Hieroglyphics
    10 to Hieratic.
  7. 2010-11-05

    International Workshop

    Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies
    Workshop "Book Materials in Oriental Cultures"
    Pisa, Santa Croce in Fossabanda (
    26 and 27 November 2010
    More information here.
    (D. Salvoldi)
  8. 2010-10-29

    International Workshop

    FIFTH INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR OF STUDIES ON POLYGONAL WALLS The annual seminar will be held 30 and 31 October 2010 in Palazzo Conti Gentile in Alatri. This year it will be organized as a day of studies in memory of Lidio Gasperini and in a thematic section on "The cities of limestone in Lazio".
    The program can be downloaded at the address:
    (D. Maras)
  9. 2010-10-29

    International Studies meeting on History and Archeology

    XVIII International Studies meeting on History and Archeology in Etruria
    The luck of the Etruscans in the construction of a United Italy Orvieto, Palazzo dei Congressi
    December 3rd-5th 2010 More information here.
    (D. Maras)
  10. 2010-10-20

    International Workshop on Aegean texts

    The 13th International Mycenological Colloquium was held in Paris September 20-23. Among the new Linear B texts presented the most notable are the ones from Agios Vasileios (Laconia) and Volos-Palaia (Thessaly).

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