Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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    New Indo-European language

    Excavations at Hattusa (Boğazköy, Republic of Turkey), the Hittite capital , led by a German (DAI - Istanbul) and Turkish (Istanbul University) archaeological mission, have brought to light a fragment of ritual text in cuneiform script that contains a recitation in a hitherto unknown Indo-European language.
    Among the thousands of tablets found over 100 years of archaeological activity, most are written in the Hittite language, and many others hand down evidence in the Luwian and Palaic languages, also belonging to the Proto-Anatolian group of the Indo-European family. The found text preserves evidence of the language of the Land Kalasma, probably located in northwestern Anatolia. The text will be published by mission philologist Prof. D. Schwemer (University of Würzburg, Germany) and will add a new piece to the cultural and linguistic complexity of the Bronze Age Anatolian world.

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