Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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    The Pylos Tablets Transcribed. Deuxième édition, par Jean-Pierre Olivier et Maurizio Del Freo, Padova, edizioni, 2020, XX + 388 pp., ISBN 978-88-3359-205-3.

    This book contains the second edition of the Linear B tablets from Pylos. The transcriptions are based on those contained in The Pylos Tablets Transcribed, Rome 1973-1976, by E. L. Bennett, jr. and J.-P. Olivier, as well as on a series of contributions with new texts, joins and readings published between 1992 and 2017. This new edition aims not only at providing Linear B scholars with an updated working tool, but also at offering a critical contribution to those who are engaged in the production of the Pylos corpus, the ultimate goal of a complex editorial work, which has seen the collaboration of many specialists over the last decades. The work is dedicated to the memory of the pioneer of the Pylian epigraphy, E. L. Bennett, jr.