Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 5th-1st cent. B.C.

Map of places

  1. Austria (Place of origin)
  2. Cles (Provenance), 'Fragment of a bronze vase from Cles, Trento (MLR 27)' (Example)
  3. Cles (Provenance), 'Neck and rim of a bronze vase from Cles (Trento).' (image)
  4. Cles (Provenance), 'Small bronze cylindrical rod with gold ring from Cles, Campi Neri (Trento).' (image)
  5. Cles (Provenance), 'Small bronze of a figure on a horseback from Cles, Campi Neri (Trento).' (image)
  6. Cles (Provenance), 'The Demlfeld plate (MLR 1)' (Example)
  7. Collalbo (Provenance), 'Pseudo-parallelepiped porphyry stele from Collalbo/Klobenstein, Piperbühel (BZ)' (image)
  8. Demlfeld, Ampass (Provenance), 'The Demlfeld plate (MLR 1)' (Example)
  9. Italy (Place of origin)
  10. Mechel, Cles (Provenance), 'The Demlfeld plate (MLR 1)' (Example)
  11. Pergine Valsugana, Montesei di Serso (Provenance), 'Deer horn from Pergine in the Sugana Valley, Montesei di Serso (Trento).' (image)
  12. Sanzeno, Val di Non (Place attested)
  13. Steinberg am Rofan, Schnejdjoch (Provenance), 'Cast of rock wall with Rhaetic inscriptions from Steinberg am Rofan, Schnejdjoch (Austria). MLR 268-270.' (image)
  14. Tesero, Sottopedonda (Provenance), 'Inscription from Tesero, Sottopedonda, in Fiemme Valley, Trento (MLR 275)' (Example)