Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 7th-3rd cent. B.C.

Map of places

  1. (Place attested)
  2. (Provenance), 'Statue of Ecatomnus or his son Mausolus, now kept in the British Museum of London. ' (image)
  3. Anatolia (Place of origin)
  4. Caria (Provenance), 'Carian coins.' (image)
  5. Kaunos (Place attested)
  6. Kaunos (Provenance), 'Bilingual inscription in Greek and Carian from Kaunos (C.Ka 5)' (image)
  7. Sais (Provenance), 'Carian inscription E.Sa 2' (Example)
  8. Saqqara (Provenance), 'Carian stelae UC2403 (Saqqara). Example of funerary monument with inscription.' (image)
  9. Saqqara (Provenance), 'Example of funerary monument with inscription. UC2405 (Saqqara)' (image)