Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- ca. 1700-950 B.C.

Map of places

  1. Bet Shemesh (Place attested)
  2. Bet Shemesh (Place found), 'Beth-shemesh fragment potsherd with inscription, 12th-11th cent. B.C.' (image)
  3. Gezer (Place attested)
  4. Gezer (Place found), 'Gezer potsherd' (Example)
  5. Izbet Sartah (Place attested)
  6. Izbet Sartah (Place found), 'Abecedary from ‘Izbet Ṣarṭah' (Example)
  7. Jerusalem (Place attested)
  8. Jerusalem (Place found), 'Incised pithos fragment Ophel-Jerusalem. 10th cent. B.C.' (image)
  9. Khirbet Qeiyafa (Place attested)
  10. Khirbet Qeiyafa (Place found), 'Khirbet Qeiyafa ostracon 10th cent. B.C.' (image)
  11. Lachish (Place attested)
  12. Lachish (Place found), 'Lachish bowl fragment ca. 12th cent. B.C.' (image)
  13. Lachish (Place found), 'Lachish ewer' (Example)
  14. Qubur al-Walaydah (Place attested)
  15. Qubur al-Walaydah (Place found), 'Bowl fragment from Qubur al-Walaydah 12th cent. B.C.' (image)
  16. Syria Palestine (Place of origin)