Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- end 3rd millennium BC-end 2nd millennium BC

Map of places

  1. Amarna (Akhetaton, Egypt) (Place found), 'The Mittani letter' (Example)
  2. Amarna (Akhetaton, Egypt) (Provenance), 'The Mittani Letter' (image)
  3. Anatolia (Diffusion area)
  4. Hattusha (Boghazkale, Turkey) (Provenance), 'The Song of Release' (Example)
  5. Mesopotamia (Diffusion area)
  6. Syria (Place of origin)
  7. Urkeš (Tell Mozan, Syria) (Provenance), 'Foundation tablet of the temple of Nergal between the forelegs of a bronze Lion from Urkeš' (image)
  8. Urkeš (Tell Mozan, Syria) (Provenance), 'The inscription of Tišatal of Urkeš' (Example)
  9. Yazilikaya (Provenance), 'Hurrian deities Tešub and Hebat represented on the wall of the Hittite sanctuary of Yazilikaya near Hattuša.' (image)