Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 6th-2nd century BC

Map of places

  1. Brindisi (Provenance), 'Limestone slab from a grave in Loc. Belvedere, Brindisi. Museo Archeologico Provinciale Fr. Ribezzo, Brindisi. Inv. 648. 3rd c. BCE (MLM 2 Br). ' (image)
  2. Brindisi (Provenance), 'MLM 2 Br' (Example)
  3. Castro (Provenance), 'Stone altar from the Athenaion of Castro, Loc. Capanne, Lecce. Museo Archeologico di Castro. 6th c. BCE. ' (image)
  4. Castro (Provenance), 'Stone altar' (Example)
  5. Cavallino (Provenance), 'Fragments of a clay oil jar from Cavallino (first half 6th-first half 5th centuries BC)' (image)
  6. Ceglie Messapica (Provenance), 'Bronze table from Ceglie, Monte Vicoli, found in 1877, now at the Museo Archeologico Provinciale Fr. Ribezzo, Brindisi. Inv. 674. 3rd c. BCE (MLM 19 Cae). ' (image)
  7. Ceglie Messapica (Provenance), 'Chest made of “leccese stone” from Ceglie Messapica (3rd century BC)' (image)
  8. Ceglie Messapica (Provenance), 'MLM 19 Cae' (Example)
  9. Galatina (Provenance), 'Slab of “leccese stone” from Galatina (3rd century BC)' (image)
  10. Italy (Place of origin)
  11. Lecce (Provenance), 'Limestone slabs covering grave XII of the Amphitheatre’s necropolis, Lecce. Museo Castromediano, Lecce. Nr. 4647-4648, 3rd c. BCE (MLM 37 Lup). ' (image)
  12. Lecce (Provenance), 'MLM 37 Lup' (Example)
  13. Mesagne (Provenance), 'MLM 31 Me' (Example)
  14. Mesagne (Provenance), 'Small càrparo stone slab from Mesagne (3rd century B.C.) ' (image)
  15. Nardò (Provenance), 'MLM 2 Ne' (Example)
  16. Nardò (Provenance), 'Small stele in the pietra leccese stone from Nardò (first half of the 4th – first half of the 5th century B.C.)' (image)
  17. Oria (Provenance), 'Parallelepiped memorial made of “càrparo stone” from Oria (3rd century BC) ' (image)
  18. Otranto (Provenance), 'Monolithic memorial made of “leccese stone” from Otranto (4th century BC)' (image)
  19. Roca Vecchia (Provenance), 'Wall of Grotta Poesia at Roca Vecchia, Melendugno (Lecce).' (image)
  20. Roca Vecchia (Provenance), 'Wall of Grotta Poesia' (Example)
  21. Rudiae (Provenance), 'Bronze oil lamp from Rudiae (second half 3rd – end 2nd centuries BC)' (image)
  22. Ruvo di Puglia (Provenance), 'Discoid clay loom weight (3rd century B.C.)' (image)
  23. Ruvo di Puglia (Provenance), 'MLM 11 Ruv' (Example)
  24. Valesio (Provenance), 'Bronze disk from the territory of Valesio (first half 6th-first half 5th centuries BC)' (image)
  25. Vaste (LE) (Provenance), 'Clay two-handled cup from Piazza Dante, Vaste, Lecce. Dipartimento Scienze Archeologiche, Università di Lecce. ' (image)
  26. Vaste (LE) (Provenance), 'Clay two-handled cup' (Example)
  27. Vieste (Provenance), 'Block of tufa from Vieste Garganico (3rd century BC)' (image)
  28. Vieste (Provenance), 'MLM 1 Vi' (Example)
  29. Vieste (Provenance), 'Stone block from Vieste Garganico (4th-3rd century B.C.)' (image)