Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 2nd (9th?) century BC-7th century AD

Map of places

  1. British Museum, London (Place held), 'RIL 1, Pl. 1.1' (Example)
  2. Dougga (Provenance), 'Mausoleum of Ateban at Dougga (Tunisia), on which was found the first Libyco-Berber inscription to be examined by Western researchers (photo by Patrick Giraud, Wikipedia)' (image)
  3. Dougga (Provenance), 'RIL 1, Pl. 1.1' (Example)
  4. Kef Beni Feredj (Provenance), 'RIL 151, Pl. V.2' (Example)
  5. Kef Messalene (Provenance), 'The Libyco-Berber necropolis of Kef Messalene (NE Algeria), RIL pl. IV.2' (image)
  6. Mauretania (Place of origin)
  7. Numidia (Place of origin)