Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 6th century B.C. – 1st century B.C.

Map of places

  1. Altino (Place attested)
  2. Auronzo di Cadore (Place attested)
  3. Este (Provenance), 'Kantharos with votive inscription from Lozzo Atestino (Ateste)' (Example)
  4. Este (Provenance), 'Stone with funerary inscription from Ateste ' (Example)
  5. Este (Provenance), 'Writing stylus with votive inscription from Ateste' (Example)
  6. Este (Provenance), 'Writing tablet with votive inscription from Ateste' (Example)
  7. Gurina (Place attested)
  8. Idrija (Place attested)
  9. Italy (Place of origin)
  10. Lagole di Calalzo di Cadore (Place attested)
  11. Oderzo (Place attested)
  12. Padua (Provenance), 'Stone slab with funerary inscription from Camin (Padua)' (Example)
  13. Padua (Provenance), 'Stone with funerary inscription from Trambacche (Padua)' (Example)
  14. Treviso (Place attested)
  15. Verona (Place attested)
  16. Vicenza (Place attested)
  17. Zuglio (Place attested)