Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 14-12th century BC

Map of places

  1. Syria (Place of origin)
  2. Syria Palestine (Diffusion area)
  3. Ugarit (Provenance), 'Alphabet RS 12.063 [=KTU 5.6]' (Example)
  4. Ugarit (Provenance), 'Ax RS 1.051' (Example)
  5. Ugarit (Provenance), 'Front of the clay tablet with the so-called mythological-ritual text “Shaḥar e Shalim”.' (image)
  6. Ugarit (Provenance), 'Letter RS 15.008' (Example)
  7. Ugarit (Provenance), 'Mythological text - Baal cycle - KTU 1.5' (image)
  8. Ugarit (Provenance), 'Stele with a dedication to the god Dagan unearthed at the acropolis of Ugarit' (image)