Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 12th century BC - 2nd century AD

Map of places

  1. Athens (Provenance), 'Phoenician funeral stele with bilingual Greek and Phoenician inscriptions (330-300 BCE)' (image)
  2. Byblos (Provenance), 'Inscription of Eliba‘alal king of Byblos' (Example)
  3. Byblos (Provenance), 'Stele of King Yehawmilk of Byblos, 5th century BC. The King of Byblos is pictured at the top of the stele, making an offering to the Lady of Byblos who, seated on a throne, blesses him.' (image)
  4. Cyprus (Diffusion area)
  5. Greece (Diffusion area)
  6. Italy (Diffusion area)
  7. Leptis Magna (Provenance), 'Theatre inscription of Lepcis Magna (Libya)' (Example)
  8. Phoenicia (Place of origin)
  9. Pyrgi (Provenance), 'Phoenician gold plaque of Pyrgi' (Example)
  10. Sidon (Provenance), 'Anthropoid sarcophagus with a Phoenician inscription of King Eshmunazar of Sidon, 5th century BC.' (image)
  11. Spain (Diffusion area)
  12. Syria (Diffusion area)
  13. Zenjirli (Provenance), 'Monumental inscription of Kilamuwa, king of Sam'al, late 9th Cent. B.C.' (image)