Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 7th/6th century BC - Current era

Map of places

  1. Gabii (Provenance), 'Olla from Gabi' (Example)
  2. Hawara (Al Fayyum) (Provenance), 'PHawara 24' (Example)
  3. Italy (Place of origin)
  4. Lavinium (Provenance), 'Lavinium - Lamina ' (Example)
  5. Pompeii (Provenance), 'Pompeii Tablet' (Example)
  6. Pompeii (Provenance), 'Vote Elvio!' (Example)
  7. Rome (Provenance), 'Elogium Duili' (Example)
  8. Rome (Provenance), 'epigraphic cursive' (Example)
  9. Satricum (Provenance), 'lapis satricanus' (Example)