Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources

Cuneiform Hittite

- 1570 B.C. - 1200 B.C. (ca.)

Map of places

  1. Anatolia (Place of origin)
  2. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'First paragraph of the Bronze Tablet: treaty between Tuthaliya IV and Kurunta of Tarhuntassa. Hard Copy by Heinrich Otten' (Example)
  3. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Fragment of Hittite tablet of the imperial period' (image)
  4. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Fragment of tablet in cuneiform script from the Imperial period (13th century)' (image)
  5. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Fragments of the peace treaty between Hattušili III of Hatti and Ramses II of Egypt (13th century)' (image)
  6. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Handcopy of a ritual fragment' (image)
  7. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Hattuša, the Lion Gate' (image)
  8. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Land Donation tablet with the royal seal in the central field' (image)
  9. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Plan of Hattuša' (image)
  10. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'The main Temple of Hattuša in the Lower City (Temple 1)' (image)
  11. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Treaty between Tuthaliya IV of Hatti and Kurunta of Tarḫuntašša engraved on a bronze tablet.' (image)
  12. Bogazkoy (Provenance), 'Two paragraphs of the Hittite Laws' (Example)
  13. Syria (Diffusion area)
  14. Uluburun (Provenance), 'Wooden tablet found on a ship sunk in front of the Turkish coast in the locality of Uluburun' (image)