Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources

Greek alphabets

- 8th century BC - Current era

Map of places

  1. Argos (Provenance), 'IG IV 506: Law on a bronze tablet from the Argive Heraion, ca. 575-550 B.C. ' (image)
  2. Athens (Place attested)
  3. Athens (Place found), 'Athenian decree for Oiniades of Skiathos (IG I3 110)' (Example)
  4. Athens (Provenance), 'Athenian Agora XXV, 946: Ostrakon bearing the name of Themistokles, son of Neokles, around 480 B.C.' (image)
  5. Athens (Provenance), 'Athenian decree of Salamis (IG I3 1) (6th century)' (Example)
  6. Athens (Provenance), 'CEG 432: The Dipylon Oinochoe inscription, 740-720 B.C.' (image)
  7. Athens (Provenance), 'Dipylon Oinochoe (8th century)' (Example)
  8. Athens (Provenance), 'IG I3 11: Athens' Alliance with Egesta, 418/7 B.C.' (image)
  9. Athens (Provenance), 'IG I3 1344: bilingual Greek-Karian Gravestone from Athens, ca. 525 B.C.' (image)
  10. Athens (Provenance), 'IG I3 1418: Fragment of lime stone with a graffito from Athens, VIII sec. a.C. ' (image)
  11. Athens (Provenance), 'IG I3 4: the so-called Hekatompedon Inscription from Athens, 485/4 B.C.' (image)
  12. Corinth (Provenance), 'CEG 520: Corinthian aryballos with dance scene, 580 B.C.' (image)
  13. Crete (Diffusion area)
  14. Cyprus (Diffusion area)
  15. Delos (Provenance), ' Delos-Spartan inscription (Inscr. Dél. 6-7, 87 = IG V, 1564)' (Example)
  16. Delos (Provenance), 'Dedication of Nikandre (6th century) ' (Example)
  17. Egypt (Diffusion area)
  18. Galaxidi (Provenance), 'IG IX 12 717: Chaleion agreement with Oianthea, half of the V cent. B.C.' (image)
  19. Gortyna (Provenance), 'The Gortyna Code [1] (5th century)' (Example)
  20. Gortyna (Provenance), 'The Gortyna Code [2] (5th century)' (Example)
  21. Greece (Place of origin)
  22. Italy (Place of origin)
  23. Locri (Provenance), 'ILocri 23: Tablet from the archive of the Olympieion of Lokroi Epizephyrioi, 350-250 B.C. ' (image)
  24. Marsiliana d'Albegna (Provenance), 'Alphabet table of Marsiliana d'Albegna (7th century)' (Example)
  25. Metaponto (Provenance), 'Stamnos with alphabet strip from Metaponto (6th century)' (Example)
  26. Olympia (Place found), 'Agreement between Sybarites and Serdei (6th century)' (Example)
  27. Olympia (Provenance), 'Meiggs, Lewis, GHI 10: Treaty between Sybaris and the Serdaioi from Olympia, last quarter of the VI cent. B.C. ' (image)
  28. Pithekussai (Provenance), 'Dubois, IGDGG, 9: Fragment from a krater with potter's signature, ca. 700 a.C. ' (image)
  29. Pithekussai (Provenance), 'Nestor's Cup (8th century)' (Example)
  30. San Mauro Forte (Provenance), 'IG XIV 652: Clay pyramid dedicated to Herakles by the potter Nikomachos, end of the VI cent. B.C.' (image)