Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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Meroitic Cursive and Hieroglyphs

- 3rd century B.C. - 4th century A.D.

Examples of writing

Funerary stele in Cursive Meroitic

Funerary stele in Cursive Meroitic



Wos-i: Sorey-i: Wiritelito q-owi:

O Isi! O Osiri! Wiritelito this;


Pleqneye: tedxe-l-owi:

Of Baloqoneye the daughter is;


ssor: Mnp-se Trosetme: terike-l-owi

Of the scribe of Amanap Tarusetame the daughter is;


ant: Mnp-se: Mnotel: yetmde-l-owi

Of the priest of Amanap Manutela the niece is;


ant: Tni: ste-l-owi

Of the priest Tani the mother is;


senete: Mnp-se: Mskel: kdise-l-owi

Of the senete of Amanap Mashakela the sister is;


soni: Mni-se Meremtebolide: atos: Belimetye:

Of the soni of Amon Merematebolide atusha Belimetaye



the sister of them she is;


soni: Mni-se Belilidt: ste-l-owi

Of the soni of Amon Belilidata the mother she is;


sleqene: Mnp-se: Yiremene: sem-l-owi

Of the shalqun of Amanap Yiremene the bride she is;


ato mhe: pso-he-kete:

Abundant water let her drink;


at mhe psi-xr-kete:

Abundant bread let her eat;


x-mlo-l: p-hl-kete:

good meal let her be served;


x-lh-l: psi-tx-kete:

great meal let her be offered;


W[o]s-i Sorey-i

O Isi! O Osiri!



Wiritelito funerary stele, 3rd century B.C., from the necropolis of Karanog (AA.VV., Histoire et civilisations du Soudan, Soleb 2017, p. 367-69)