Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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- 8th cent. B.C. - 3rd cent. A. D.

Examples of writing

M-01a Façade of the "Tomb of Midas"

M-01a Façade of the "Tomb of Midas"
Source: Corpus des inscriptions paléo-phrygiennes

ates : arkiaevais : akenanogavos : midai : lavagtaei : edaes

Dedicatory text closed by the verb edaes in third pers. sing. preterit.

ates is the nominative referred to the person dedicating. Midai is the dative form referred to the receiver of the dedication.

About the titles of the recipient, Mida, who in this inscription is mentioned as lavagtaei and vanaktei (both in dative) Lejeune (Mél. Meriggi, 1969, 179-192) has proposed a comparison with two of the main titles of the Mycenaean kingdom, ra-wa-ke-ta and wa-na-ka. Lejeune proposes that both functions in Phrygia were united in the person of the king.

The form arkiaevais can be interpreted as a patronymic adjective.