Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 5th-I4th cent. B.C.

Examples of writing

Funeral inscription (TL 25)

Funeral inscription (TL 25)
Source: Fonte


The texts was published by Kalinka TL 25 and discussed later by Friedrich, Le scritture scomparse (Italian edition ed. P. Fronzaroli), 1989, 117-118. Transliteration of the Lycian text is based on Melchertin TITUS, Lycian Corpus ( In these references the Greek text that follows the Lycian text is published as well.

1 ebeis: tukedris: m[... epi]
2 tuwet: xssbez: krup[sseh]
3 tideimi: se purihime[teh]
4 tuhes: tlãñna: atru: ehb[i]
5 se ladu: ehbi: tikeukpr
6 pilleñni: urtaqijahñ: kbatru
7 se prijenubehñ: tuhesñ

"The person who dedicated these statues is Kssbezẽ, son of Cruppse, grandson of Purihimete, the inhabitant of Tloo. His person and his wife Ticeucẽpre, the woman of the city Pille, daughter of Urtaqija and of Pirijenube"

Funerary inscription N. 344

Funerary inscription N. 344


1. ebẽñnẽ: ̣ xupu: m=ẽ=ti prñnawatẽ[:] pddẽxñta
2. hrppi ladi: ̣ehbi: ̣se tideime: tesi: ̣ ada || –


1 This tomb Pddẽχñta has built
2 for his wife and children. Under oath/by means of a sworn contract 2 ½ ada.

Source: published by Christiansen B. 2019. Editions of Lycian Inscriptions not Included in Melchert’s Corpus from 2001, p. 117.