Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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Cuneiform Luwian

- 1400 B.C. - 1200 B.C.

edited by: Giulia Torri (translation revised by Melanie Rockenhaus)

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Fragments of a bilingual text in Hittite (right column) and in Luwian (left column).

Cuneiform Luwian was written by the scribes of Hattuša using the same kind of cuneiform script (originating from an ancient Babylonian writing system) used in the composition of texts in the Hittite language. Like in the Hittite cuneiform system there are syllabic signs, Sumerograms, Akkadograms and determinatives. Texts are mostly of religious content. The first compositions from the Hattuša archives date back to the middle Hittite period.

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