Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources


- 6th-2nd century BC

Online resources

Web sites of general interest

  1. Musei della Puglia
    The page contains a list of the most important Museums of the Puglia Region, sorted in Province order.

Institutions, centers for study and research

  1. Istituto per la Storia e l'Archeologia della Magna Grecia.
    The Institute, together with editing and publishing monographs dealing with the Magna Grecia, organizes annual international meetings of high calibre, in which a section dealing with epigraphic and linguistic information from the Magna Grecia is always planned.

Museums and collections

  1. Museo Sigismondo Castromediano di Lecce
    The page describes the Castromediano Museum, which contains the largest collection of Messapic inscriptions. The Museum does not have a proper home page yet. General information on the Museum is also available in the Lecce provincial site (
  2. Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Taranto-Una comunità in rete
    The page is edited by the Supporters of the Archaeological Museum of Taranto (Comunità in Rete) and contains useful didactic material, news about the archaeological sites and regions as well as information about the museum projects and enterprises. Some multimedia files, for example recorded specialist conferences, are also available on the page.
  3. Museo Archeologico di Ugento
    The page, edited by the Municipality di Ugento, describes the collections and gives information about the principal monuments of the town.
  4. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Egnathia
    On this site an archaeological map of the area with detailed reports on each zone can be found. Some of the reports deal with the necropolis in which the Messapic inscriptions of this area have been found.
  5. Museo Archeologico Nazionale Jatta
    Aim of this site, edited by the heirs of the Jatta Family, it to offer the public information in addition to that gathered while visiting the Museum.
  6. Museo Archeologico Provinciale di Brindisi "Francesco Ribezzo"
    The Brindisi provincial home page gives information about the Museum, in which a large collection of Messapic inscriptions is conserved.
  7. MUSA Museo Storico-Archeologico dell'Università del Salento
    The site of the Salento University Museum has been conceived to make the most of the historical and archaeological research of the University and its staff. In Room 3, dedicated to the Messapic people, the three famous inscribed tombstones from Otranto are conserved.


  1. Provincia di Brindisi
    In the Brindisi provincial site reference to public museums and collections of the Province are offered.


  1. Francesco Ribezzo
    Wikipedia Page of the Puglia historical linguist and archaeologist (1875-1952).
  2. Carlo de Simone
    Wikipedia page of the Italian historical linguist, specialist of the relic languages of Ancient Italy and especially of Messapic and Etruscan (1932- )
  3. Jürgen Untermann
    Wikipedia page of the German historical linguist, specialist of relic languages of ancient Italy and Spain (1928- )
  4. Hans Krahe
    Wikipedia page of the German historical linguist (1898-1965).