Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources

Phaistos Disc

- 2nd millennium BC (?)

Online resources

Web sites of general interest

  1. Phaistos Disc - Wikipedia
    Brief page about the Phaistos Disc (with bibliography).
  2. The Phaistos Disc
    Enthusiast site about the Phaistos Disc: the evidence, the hypotheses, the text. The site also contains basic information about the Arkalochori axe, a not easily difficultly classifiable Bronze-Age Cretan inscription.
  3. Phaistos Disk
    Review of theories about the meaning and function of the Phaistos Disc.
  4. Web - AEGEANET
    Online archive (since 2001) of a discussion list on Aegean prehistory and protohistory, moderated by J. Younger (University of Kansas). The archives can be queried using an internal research engine. Entries come from both specialists and non specialists, and it contains some discussions about the Phaistos Disc.

Academic materials

  1. Phaistos Disc
    Copy of Index pages and the Appendix dealing with the Phaistos Disc from the volume Creta Minoica by G.M. Facchetti, M. Negri. Florence, Olschki, 2003 (in Italian).


  1. The disk of Phaistos font by Michael Everson
    Font with the symbols of the Phaistos Disc, designed by Michael Everson.
  2. The disk of Phaistos font and LaTeX package
    Web page with fonts that can be freely downloaded and used for the writing on the Phaistos Disc (Latex Project Public License). Ed. Apostolos Syropoulos.

Museums and collections

  1. Museum of Herakleion (Crete)
    The museum where the Phaistos Disc is kept.


  1. NESTOR. Bibliography of Aegean Prehistory and Related Areas
    Specialized bibliography of studies on Aegean prehistory and protohistory. It can be queried by title or author, and it contains all the main contributions about the Phaistos Disc. Ed. by the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati (Ohio, USA).