Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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    Palaeohispanica n. 20, 2020: Actas del congreso internacional “Lenguas y culturas epigráficas paleoeuropeas. Retos y perspectivas de estudio” (Roma, 13-15 marzo 2019), by F. Beltrán Lloris, B. Díaz Ariño, M.J. Estarán Tolosa, C. Jordán Cólera.

    This volume contains the acts of the final workshop for the international project AELAW (Ancient European Languages and Writings) with contributions by scholars of the languages and writing systems of pre-Roman Italy which launch the discipline of Paleo-European studies with the following goal "to undertake interdisciplinary, comparative and comprehensive research into the sets of local languages, writing systems and epigraphic practices that form the furthermost stratum of written European culture" (F. Beltrán Lloris, p. 13). This multilanguage and interdisciplinar publication is organized into three parts, devoted respectively to the diachronic development of paleo-european epigraphic cultures; to the presentation of different groups of languages, writing systems and epigraphic cultures; to the analysis of the writing systems.
    The open access digital version of the volume can be found at the following address: