Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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    Diccionario Griego-Español. Anejo VII. Suplemento al Diccionario Micénico (DMic.Supl.), Francisco Aura Jorro, Alberto Bernabé, Eugenio R. Luján, Juan Piquero, Carlos Varias García, CSIC, Madrid, 2020, 427 pp., ISBN 978-84-00-10656-0.

    The volume contains the long-waited supplement to the Diccionario Micénico published by the CSIC in two volumes in 1985 (a-n entries) and 1993 (o-z entries). The Diccionario Micénico is the work of reference for any scholar specializing in Mycenaean epigraphy who wants to get a full overview of the research work about a specific Mycenaean word. Each entry in the Diccionario Micénico collects and discusses all the hypotheses so far advanced on any complete or fragmentary word attested in the Linear B documents. The Suplemento adds to the Diccionario many new entries relating to words which are attested in documents published (or republished with new readings) only after 1985 and 1993. It also updates the Diccionario's a-n and o-z entries with part of the contributions appeared after 1985 and 1993. Finally, it fills a gap in the Diccionario by adding new entries for all the logographic uses of the Linear B syllabograms (abbreviations, adjuncts, ligatures, monograms).

    (M.Del Freo)