Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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    Aegean Scripts. Proceedings of the 14th International Colloquium on Mycenaean Studies, Copenhagen, 2-5 September 2015 (Incunabula Graeca CV:1-2), M.-L. Nosch, H. Landenius Enegren (edd.), 2 voll., Roma, CNR edizioni, 2017 (ISBN 978-88-8080-275-4).

    The book contains the Proceedings of the 14th International Colloquium on Mycenaean Studies, held in Copenhagen from 2 to 5 September 2015. The authors of the 44 contributions are among the major specialists in Aegean and Cypriot texts of the 2nd and 1st millennia BC. The book is divided into two volumes and five sections: 1) Scripts, Palaeography and Research Tools, 2) Interpretations and Contexts, 3) Philology and Linguistics, 4) Comparative Studies between the Aegean, the Levant and the Ancient Near East, and 5) Historiography. The publication has been funded by the Lillian and Dan Fink Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation, the Danish National Research Foundation, the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, the R. K. Rasks Legat Foundation and the University of Copenhagen. The book, edited by M.-L. Nosch and H. Landenius Enegren, has been published by the Institute for the Study on Ancient Mediterranean of the Italian National Research Council in the Incunabula Graeca series, directed by M. Bettelli e M. Del Freo.