Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources

Cretan Hieroglyphic

- 18th-17th century BC

Map of places

  1. Crete (Place of origin)
  2. Cythera (Place attested)
  3. Gournia (Place attested)
  4. Katalimata (Place attested)
  5. Kato Symi (Place attested)
  6. Knossos (Place attested)
  7. Knossos (Provenance), 'Medallion KN He (04) 06 (CHIC #039)' (Example)
  8. Knossos (Provenance), 'Medallion from the Knossos 'Hieroglyphic Deposit', 18th century BC (Museum of Herakleion, Crete) ' (image)
  9. Malia (Place attested)
  10. Mikro Vouni (Place attested)
  11. Petras (Place attested)
  12. Phaistos (Place attested)
  13. Phaistos (Provenance), 'Tablet from Phaistos, Crete (facsimile), 18th century BC ' (image)
  14. Vrysinas (Place attested)
  15. Zominthos (Place attested)