Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources

Linear B

- 14th - 13th century BC

Map of places

  1. Armeni (Place attested)
  2. Crete (Diffusion area)
  3. Dimini (Place attested)
  4. Eleusis (Place attested)
  5. Gla (Place attested)
  6. Greece (Diffusion area)
  7. H. Vassileios (Place attested)
  8. Iklaina (Place attested)
  9. Khania (Place attested)
  10. Knossos (Provenance), 'Tablet KN Sc 230 from the 'Room of Chariot Tablets' of Knossos (Crete), end 15th - beginning 14th century BC. ' (image)
  11. Kreusis (Place attested)
  12. Malia (Place attested)
  13. Medeon (Place attested)
  14. Midea (Place attested)
  15. Mycenae (Place attested)
  16. Mycenae (Provenance), 'Tablet MY Oe 106 from the 'House of the Oil Merchant', Mycenae, middle 13th century BC.' (image)
  17. Mycenae (Provenance), 'Tablet MY Oi 701 from the 'Citadel House', Mycenae, end 13th century BC.' (image)
  18. Orchomenos (Place attested)
  19. Pylos (Place attested)
  20. Thebes (Place attested)
  21. Thebes (Provenance), 'Inscribed stirrup Jar TH Z 852, 'Kadmeion', Thebes, mid-13th cent. BC' (image)
  22. Tiryns (Place attested)
  23. Volos (Place attested)