Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

A critical guide to electronic resources

Linear A

- 18th - 14th centuries BC

Map of places

  1. Akrotiri (Place attested)
  2. Anatolia (Diffusion area)
  3. Apodoulou (Place attested)
  4. Archanes (Place attested)
  5. Archanes (Provenance), 'Tablet ARKH 2 from Archanes (Crete), mid 15th century BC ' (image)
  6. Crete (Place of origin)
  7. Gournia (Place attested)
  8. Greece (Diffusion area)
  9. H. Irini (Place attested)
  10. H. Stephanos (Place attested)
  11. H. Triada (Place attested)
  12. H. Triada (Provenance), 'Tablet HT 13 (Crete, Agia Triada, mid-15th century BC)' (Example)
  13. H. Triada (Provenance), 'Tablet HT 13 from Agia Triada (Crete), mid-15th c. BC. (Museum of Herakleion, Crete) ' (image)
  14. Kastri (Place attested)
  15. Kato Symi (Place attested)
  16. Khania (Place attested)
  17. Khania (Provenance), 'Roundel KH Wc 2122 (Crete, Chania, 15th century BC)' (Example)
  18. Khania (Provenance), 'Roundel KH Wc 2122 from Khania (Crete), mid 15th century BC' (image)
  19. Khania (Provenance), 'Tablet KH 11 from Khania (Crete), mid 15th century BC ' (image)
  20. Khania (Provenance), 'Tablet KH 5 from Khania (Crete), mid 15th century BC ' (image)
  21. Knossos (Provenance), 'Gold ring KN Zf 13 from Knossos (Crete, Mavro Spileo cemetery), beginning of the 16th cent. BC ' (image)
  22. Malia (Place attested)
  23. Mikro Vouni (Place attested)
  24. Mikro Vouni (Provenance), 'Nodule SA We 3 from Samothrace, 17th century BC. ' (image)
  25. Miletus (Place attested)
  26. Mount Iuktas (Place attested)
  27. Nerokourou (Place attested)
  28. Palaikastro (Place attested)
  29. Petras (Place attested)
  30. Petras (Provenance), 'Edge of pithos PE Zb 3 (Crete, Petras, 15th century BC)' (Example)
  31. Petras (Provenance), 'Inscription on pithos, Crete, Petras, 15th century BC. ' (image)
  32. Petsophas (Place attested)
  33. Phaistos (Place attested)
  34. Phourni (Place attested)
  35. Phylakopi (Place attested)
  36. Poros Herakleiou (Place attested)
  37. Prassa (Place attested)
  38. Psychro (Place attested)
  39. Pyrgos (Place attested)
  40. Tiryns (Place attested)
  41. Tylissos (Place attested)
  42. Vrysinas (Place attested)
  43. Zakros (Place attested)
  44. Zakros (Provenance), 'Tablet ZA 8 from Zakros, 15th century BC <br /> Source: ' (image)