Ancient writing systems in the Mediterranean

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Cretan Hieroglyphics

- 18th-17th century BC

Examples of writing

Medallion KN He (04) 06 (CHIC #039)

Medallion KN He (04) 06 (CHIC #039)


X 056-023  X 043-070  X 020-077

Medallion from the Knossos "Hieroglyphic Deposit", datable to 18th century BC. The medallion was used exclusively by administrations writing with Cretan Hieroglyphics. Accounting texts are noted down on the medallion, as on the other archive documents in clay. The medallions do not always register numbers (e.g., the one pictured here registers three simple syllabic sequences). When numbers are present, they are generally quite large. The medallions would therefore seem to be totaling documents. The fact that they have a hole at one end leads to the conclusion that they were used as labels.